The Power of Jesus' Shed Blood
by Pastor Franklin Sellers, Ph.D., D. Min.

You will gain a clear understanding of the statement, "Pleading The Blood of Jesus." By understanding the power of the Blood, you will never suffer condemnation due to past sins, and guilt- the power of Jesus Shed Blood gives you access to freedom.


Deliverance From Depression, Fear, and Stress: Bible Prescriptions for Deliverance
by Pastor Franklin Sellers, Ph.D., D. Min.

Pastor Sellers addresses a taboo topic for the Church community----Depression, Stress and Fear. Depression is the number one cause of suicide. Deaths of loved ones and loss of hope is number two. Young children are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate.  Moreover, there has been an alarming number of suicide deaths of men of the Cloth.  With the feeling of despair and loss of hope among people around the world, including religious leaders and their followers--- it's paramount that awareness of these issues are brought to the forefront at home, school and church.

Dr. Sellers states, "I have had first-hand experience with a dear loved one who committed suicide due to depression, I had known then what I know now, I could have helped her. As a Pastor, I encounter men/women who exhibit signs of depression and express loss of hope. By knowing signs, symptoms and behaviors of depression, I am able to reach them before it's too late. I contend that one can be delivered from Depression. Fear and Stress  with applying Biblical Prescriptions."